I don't think Roy will want to go drinking with us.


I'm pretty sure Vassos knows we're here.


I didn't say I wanted this.


I'd like to eat a book.

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If you can talk to Raif, you can talk to anyone.

Shutoku is doing the same thing Terrance is doing.

Tell her what you just told me.


Were you home last night?

I'd need a taxi tomorrow evening.

This is how I made the machine.


His conduct disappointed many of his friends.

Where was skiing invented?

Xiaoming has really poor self-control.


We were trying to kill them.

Dirk walked out on Darrell.

Paper was first invented in China.

Was Charlene handcuffed?

The lake was ringed by a fence, apparently for health and safety reasons.

What was it you asked Lowell to do?

I was already busy planning my vacation.

It seems that he was half asleep then.

Why do you really want to lose weight?

Peggy got out of the van.

I'd like to speak to him again.

You should keep in mind what I told you.

It is you who is to blame.

Our company has come a long way since it was set up.

It's a waste of time to reason with a child.


Wait till the guys at work hear that your wife left you for another woman.


Have you called the police?

Next time, lie to me. In this case, I'd rather not have known the truth.

Dan went to London and married Linda.

We used to play cards all day and night.

She kept working even though she was tired.

Dan loves spiders more than any other animal.

The shocks of several explosions were felt for miles.

You can't always play on both sides of the fence.

Hwa is running a fever.

Beware of thieves.

Becky thinks Miles is kind of cute.

Katia broke her leg falling from the ladders.

Carolyn slipped on a banana peel.

I would be thankful to you if you stayed until tomorrow.

Le Mur des "Je t'aime" (The "I Love You" Wall) in Paris, features the words "I love you" written 311 times in 250 different languages.

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I've been dreaming a lot lately.


I don't think that he cares about me.

Are you suggesting I was lying?

You won't be able to help us.

Fish abound in this river.

Oww, it hurts. I'll pay attention next time.


I wanted you to understand what you're up against.

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I'll buy a watch for my son.

That's of no consequence.

I'm afraid there isn't any coffee left.


Did you keep her picture because you still love her?

He doesn't have his medication.

I could order that for you.

I can't tell you what happened.

Three civilians were also killed.

He goes to the office by car.

There are a lot of tattoos on her body.

Kit and Ted must really be in love.

Shaw is in a holding cell.

I would like to live in France.

I opened the chess game with the Italian opening.


I have to get to Lukas.

I suggest you hide.

I won't make you hurry.


The manager offered to show me around the plant.

Hein stayed at this hotel for three weeks.

I go for a walk every other day.


That's just sick.

There are a lot of gullible people, so there is a chance that Kiki will be elected.

He arrived after the bell rang.


Video games are bad for you.

He was very apologetic for the mistake.

You're lucky we let you sit here.

He always leaves home at seven.

Laurence is kind of a snob.

If only I used to socialize with people in the past, I might have turned into a different person, but, due to the inward personality I had back in the days, I'm now stuck with just few friends.

What could you teach me?


When have you got time for tennis with me?


Broaden your horizon so that as you become more and more able to take care of yourself you will move intelligently.


I was very careful, but I caught a cold.


She's a ski instructor.

You may as well start at once.

Mario was kind enough to show me the way to the station.

How do you suggest we deal with Franklin?

It will rain in the forest.

Not a few people think that all foreign-made articles are superior to ones made in this country.

What is a good life?

Winnie has a family.

I have access to this library.

It's very kind of you.

I have to make certain Edmund knows where he needs to go.

Was that a coincidence?

You stay right there.

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Russia is the largest country in the world.

Jelske is an interesting man.

Please choose me a tie for this suit.

The way Jeanette drives, he's going to have an accident sooner or later.

The only way out of here is the same way we came in.

Did you cook this yourself?

What's the point of existence?


What station is it?

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That's theirs.

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The earthquake shook the house.

That's my own personal opinion.

Skef knows how to repair computers.


Don't you think you're putting the cart before the horse?

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If you had stayed here, you would have had a very good time.

What is a young lady like you doing out here all by herself?

There's no way to win.

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Tell Amy I don't like him.

Konrad says I look like a kid.

I'm out of work.

A refreshing breeze blew.

Even we ourselves were confused.

The heat is overwhelming.

It doesn't seem quite right.

I don't eat pork.

Brandon couldn't have been any older than thirteen at the time.


We must give it time.

Izumi won't tell Noam anything.

I heard you say that this morning.

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I'm meeting Reiner in an hour.

I don't like that woman.

Do you not see with your own eyes the chrysalis fact assume by degrees the wings of fiction?

You should go to bed. It's almost midnight.

How could you tell Krzysztof wasn't happy?

The flower is not black.

Aren't you supposed to be at school today?

In the meantime, the majority of the Germans demand that Wulff resign.

Bryce bought a present for her friend's daughter.

She keeps on making the same mistakes.

Don't wash your dirty laundry in public.

Which is it going to be?

The toothache made his face swell up.

Do you really think I can't do this?

The bus was awfully crowded.


I'm sure we can persuade them.


Wow! You've lost weight. Are you on a diet?

I am probably lost.

Germans have no sense of humour? I don't find that funny!

Do you think it's stupid?

You can make a computer-to-computer call on the internet for free!


There's more money in the drawer.

We knew something had to change.

In her opinion, he is the best musician she has ever seen.


I love Japan, and Japanese girls of course

Because I was scared.

To give away yourself keeps yourself still, and you must live, drawn by your own sweet skill.

It was hard for Jeffie to get his homework done on time.

I don't like traveling all that much.

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I want to be quiet after a day's hard work.


He is free from money worry.

If you want to know, why don't you ask her?

Almost all of Atlanta was destroyed.


I was really, really disappointed.

Leigh never told Jingbai about it.

You owe me a beer.